🛠️Manage Code Through Gitd

Gitd means “Git for CodexField”, or in other words, “Git for Decentralized Storage”. The Gitd tool is fully compatible with Git's functionality and usage, enabling developers to use Gitd for version control and code submission. Here is the guide on how to use Gitd to manage your code.

Build & Installation

curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/codexfield/gitd/develop/install.sh | bash


Set environment

export GREENFIELD_CHAIN_ID=greenfield_1017-1

Create Your Repository

Please go to https://codexfield.com and access your dashboard page. Click on the "New Repo" button to create a new repository.

After creating your repository, you can click the "clone" button to obtain the full repository path.

Init Your Repo Locally

mkdir <repo>
cd <repo>
gitd init

Commit & Push

add readme and commit, then push

gitd remote add origin gnfd://greenfield-chain-ap.bnbchain.org:443/codex-${user-id}-${repo-name}
echo "Hello CodexField" >> README.md
gitd add README.md
gitd commit -m "add README.md"
gitd push origin main -f


cd <new_folder>
gitd clone gnfd://greenfield-chain-ap.bnbchain.org:443/codex-${user-id}-${repo-name}

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