CodexField mainly includes three components: the Gitd tool, the CodexSync plugin, and the CodexField frontend.

Gitd means “Git for CodexFiled”, or in other words, “Git for Decentralized Storage”. The Gitd tool is fully compatible with Git's functionality and usage, enabling developers to use Gitd for version control and code submission.

The CodexSync plugin facilitates one-click migration of user-submitted code from Github to CodexField, saving it on the Greenfield network.

CodexField frontend is a web-hosted frontend page setup on Greenfield, which allows users to view and manage code stored in Greenfield through Gitd.

By default, the code uploaded through Gitd is set to private access, visible only to the author. However, users can choose to make their code public, which will be displayed on CodexField and visible to all users. Moreover, users can list their private code for sale on the Code Marketplace.

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