💵Fixed Price Trading


CodexField supports code providers to set a fixed price for their code. Once a buyer pays the price, they will gain permanent access to the code.

Scenario Example

When a popular project emerges in the Web3 field, typically there are opportunities for airdrop incentives. Resourceful developers often create corresponding automation tools to increase their chances of obtaining airdrops in larger quantities. However, due to funding and risk control, developers usually do not invest significant amounts of money. The additional value will be lost if the tool is not made available to the public. Therefore, developers can list such tool codes on the Code Marketplace for sale to gain additional income. Other users who are optimistic about the popular project can also increase the efficiency of airdrop brushing, and save time and money by purchasing this tool, achieving a mutually beneficial outcome.

Code Provider

  1. Develop and test code

  2. Upload the code to Greenfield

  3. List the code on the Code Marketplace and set a fixed price

  4. Receive revenue from code sales

Code Consumer

  1. Purchase code access rights on the Code Marketplace.

  2. Pull the code, compile it, and use it.

  3. Provide feedback based on the results of usage.

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