Ⓜ️Code Marketplace

CodexField has proposed a Code Marketplace that uses on-chain reputation to create a high-quality platform for trading code. Currently, developers lack a platform to monetize their valuable code assets, and their only option is to open-source their code to gain reputations. With the introduction of Code Marketplace, developers can manage and trade their code assets, while also earning reputations by contributing high-quality code. This platform also benefits code demanders, who can easily find and select the code they need, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between buyers and sellers.

Code Marketplace is a completely decentralized trading platform that has two main components: the code marketplace contracts deployed on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and the Code Marketplace frontend page integrated with CodexField. All transactions that take place on Code Marketplace are completed via on-chain smart contracts, with no human intervention. The transaction process is as follows.

For Code Providers:

  1. Developers upload their code to Greenfield using Gitd.

  2. Developers list their code for sale on the Code Marketplace and set the price.

For Code Consumers:

  1. Consumers search for code on CodexField that meets their needs and then filter through different code providers.

  2. If the public code already meets their requirements, they can use it directly without purchasing. If not,

  3. Consumers can purchase access to the code via the Code Marketplace. After a successful purchase, they can access the code.

  4. Users can rate and give feedback on the purchased code.

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