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CodexField supports code providers to set their codes as paid subscription mode. Buyers who subscribe to the code will gain access to the code, but will lose the access when the subscription expires. This model is suitable for developers who need to continuously optimize their codes and provide new features.

Scenario Example

In the Web3 field, token-snatching robots have always been a popular demand. The token-snatching robots on the market usually require users to provide private keys, which poses significant risks to the security of their funds. Developers can develop their own token-snatching robots and upload them to the Code Marketplace, provide tutorials for users to use, and thus solve the private key security problem. However, since the functionality of token-snatching robots requires continuous iteration and updates, as well as support for emerging new public chains, developers need to invest time and energy in code development, and buyers can also continuously subscribe to the code to get new features.

Code Provider

  1. Develop and test the initial version of the code

  2. Upload the code to Greenfield

  3. List the code on the Code Marketplace and set the subscription price and period

  4. Continuously iterate and upgrade the code

  5. Receive revenue from selling the code

Code Consumer

  1. Subscribe to the code on the Code Marketplace to gain access to the code

  2. Pull the code, compile and use it

  3. Provide feedback based on the results of usage.

  4. Continuously subscribe and pay to obtain new features of the code

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